kitchen & bath:

Developing distinctive designs for important spaces in our
homes, Joanne Hurd - Founder, Owner, and Chief Designer
of J.S.HURD DESIGN - offers customized interior design services that creatively respond to the client's needs throughout the various aspects of a project. Working with Homeowners as well as Architects, Builders, Developers, Vendors, and other collaborative Designers, J.S. HURD DESIGN has proven to be a most valuable resource in both residential interior renovation and the new construction industry.
From a partial make-over to an entire project, J.S.HURD
DESIGN works in all areas of the home:

• kitchens & baths    • home offices             • laundry rooms    • master suites           • libraries                       •  entry ways   
• dressing rooms       • living/dining rms.   • hallways

• bedrooms                  • mudrooms                 • rec rooms


Services - typically offered on an as-needed basis through
consultations, meetings, design drawings and documents - cover a wide range of design tasks and are tailored to meet the needs  of each client and project:

• design concepts   
• space planning

• detailed room design
• cabinetry, furniture,  and millwork design
• selection of furnishings and finishes 
• color schemes
• lighting layout and design

• design documents 
• rug & tapestry design and production
• specialty handcrafted furniture and accessories design

    and fabrication  

Joanne S. Hurd, CKD, CBD, has been a long time member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association. As a certified kitchen & bath designer, her work spans over 40 years and 500 projects, and has been generated almost entirely from word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clients. 

 rug & tapestry:​​

Expanding her artistry in room design to include her love of textiles, Joanne Hurd designs and produces her own brand
of handmade, hand-knotted rugs &​ tapestries. 
All commissioned pieces can be customized in size and colorway to fit any room decor. Completely new custom designs can be created as well.  Working with Homeowners as well as Architects, Builders, Developers, Vendors, and other collaborative Designers, J.S.HURD DESIGN is a valuable resource for providing woven artwork for floors and walls in both residential and commercial settings.  

Custom and bespoke rugs can be produced from:
• current designs in the same size, same colorway,

    and same yarn specifications OR
• current designs adapted to a custom size, custom
    colorway, and custom yarn specifications OR
• an entirely new design customized for size, pattern,
    colorway, and yarn specifications


Services - typically offered on an as-needed basis through
consultations, meetings, design drawings and documents - can address customizing options and are tailored to meet the needs of each client and project. 

• design concepts   
• space planning for floors and walls to determine rug size
• rug design customization  
• custom designed and fabricated head rails for hanging

    rugs on the wall; made primarily of both native and
    exotic woods, these rails can be adorned with glass,
    fabric, metal, and stone. 

ypical yarn specifications are:
• 100% Tibetan wool and/or Chinese silk in varying

• hand carded, hand spun, and hand knotted  
• knots per square inch (kpsi) usually range between

   100 and 150

Please note that the ordering of all rugs requires time and scheduling considerations.

For customized rug designs,
we have over 1400 yarn colors to choose from.
J.S. HURD rug & tapestry DESIGN

- working in partnership with GoodWeave - 

Our rugs are handmade by weavers in Nepal and are certified by GoodWeave International,  a global
non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating child labor in the rug and carpet industry and to providing rehabilitative and educational opportunities to at-risk children and their families. The GoodWeave label
offers the best assurance that no illegal child labor was used in the production of a rug.

Your purchase of a GoodWeave certified rug adds you to our growing partnership  geared towards providing a brighter future for children in the carpet weaving communities of
India, Nepal, and Afghanistan.

hand-knotted art fresh off the loom