Pencil lines drawn on a canvas can appear motionless and stuck,  just as –    in and of themselves – shapes, colors, textures, forms, and the empty spaces around them.            But by arranging  these elements in purposeful rhythm and balance,  we can bring our
        compositions to life.                                                        

                                                                                                                                  Joanne S. Hurd
                                                                                                                      Owner, Chief Designer     

Whether I’m designing living spaces or rugs & tapestries or music & rhythm dance,
this quote from modern dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp inspires me.

    “Without passion, all the skill in the world won’t lift you above your craft.
      Without skill, all the passion in the world will leave you eager but floundering.
       Combining the two is the essence of the creative life.”
          — Twyla Tharp

I discovered the magic of drawing rhythmic patterns on paper as a young child, and countless doodles kept me fascinated for hours.  Also as a child, I discovered the thrill of creating new spaces when my twin sister and I would roll off long lengths of brown paper and settle in on the floor to draw towns and house plans. A similar delight surfaced with the frequent reconfiguration of our bedroom furniture. I remember marveling at the fact that  - working within the same footprint - we could actually change the enitre feeling of the space. My older brother - an architect and interior designer who eventually started his own Boston firm serving luxury hotels and resort properties - must have taken note of my childhood practice and gave me the nudge needed to pursue my interior design career.  Still doodling years later while managing a kitchen & bath/interior design business of my own, I spent a brief time assisting him with the design of rugs and carpets for his own projects. That was in the early 1980's, and now presenting my own line of rug designs is a natural extension of my business. Working with a wonderful team in Nepal who handcrafts my designs, I am an importer proudly licensed with GoodWeave, a global foundation whose mission is to ensure child-free labor in the rug and carpet industry.

Partnering with clients to develop their new spaces is an engaging process which not only incorporates the theoretical principles of design - which guide and give backbone to our compositions - but also taps into some of the more intuitive elements of design, ways that just feel natural and right without necessarily identifying the reasons why.  When theory and intuition can be successfully melded, the process of solidying design solutions is at its best. Dedicating myself to a partnering role based on responsive creativity, I study the crux of the matter: how can we blend the elements of function, form, and finish to best resonate with our aesthetic visions as well as to best satisfy our project goals.  Envisioning, planning, and detailing our future spaces enables us to more successfully create a new room and a new view that can be relished for years. 
My design work spans over 40 years and 500 projects - mostly in the Greater Boston Area -
and has been generated almost entirely from word-of-mouth referrals and repeat clients.
Here’s what some of them say:

“Joanne Hurd is a consummate professional . Every detail of her work was calculated and precise.
Her understanding of color and texture is extraordinary. She designed our new kitchen and
designed our hand-woven living room rug. We highly recommend her."
D.C. and A.F. from Ipswich, MA

“We've had the pleasure of working with Joanne on a couple of large design projects for our home -
a full kitchen renovation and a complete redesign of our living room fireplace surround. From start to finish,
Joanne was not only a joy to work with but fully able to capture in her designs what we had hoped to
accomplish.  With patience, respect and good humor, she listens, probes, and suggests throughout 
the process for the ultimate goal of delivering a design that reflects your vision , and in our case,
vastly improved it. Her attention to detail, timely workflow, and ability to work independently
with outside contractors made for enjoyable and effiicient projects." 
 T.M. and J.M. from Brookline, MA

“Joanne designed two bathroom renovations for us as we brought our beloved 80 year old home into the
21st Century. Out-of-the box thinking enabled her to envision a modern master bathroom with eye-catching
angles where we could only see our now-adult son's tiny childhood bedroom. Her detailed construction
drawings made bidding by contractors a more exact process, and eliminated many questions and disputes
as the project progressed. She was always available for consultation, problem-solving, and even mediating
between spouses when their personal visions diverged. If we decide to redo our 1930's kitchen,
Joanne Hurd will be our first call!"
P.S. and C.M. from Gloucester, MA

“Dear Joanne, your exquisite planning for our bathrooms and bedroom renovations has given us
needed space in an uncluttered design that has brought us peace and joy.
Thank you for making a difficult project seem easy."
J.B. and J.B. from Gloucester, MA

“Working with Joanne for over 25 years - kitchen, baths, and exterior home front - was always a pleasure.
Excellent direction, wonderful functional ideas. Kind, patient, good communication. 
Excellent outcome that has lasted through time and family."
     M.W.  from Essex, MA

For thirty years, we had lived in a Victorian Italinate house with a funky '70's kitchen, a crude laundry room, and a cave-like bathroom.
We knew it was time, so we called Joanne who was highly recommended by a friend who works for Old House Journal.
When Joanne came to the house, she observed the decor, the colors, architectural  features. She knew immediately  that it was due 
for a change, one that would be more in keeping with the integrity of the house. Soon we had blueprint drawings and the work began! Throughout the project, I was perplexed with so many choices for tile, flooring, wallpaper, countertops, paint, etc., and Joanne was invaluable in helping me choose. This was twelve years ago, and we are still very pleased with the outcome. It all feels right for the house. She really took into account the house combined with our life style and tailor made the project to fit perfectly."
     A.L.  from Gloucester, MA

"Joanne, you never cease to amaze , your talents are boundless! We have been working together for over ten years, beginning
with the renovation of our kitchen and onto our master bedroom and bath, guest bath, daughter's bedroom, family room,
and our summer house in Maine.  We are at the point that we know whatever Joanne suggests, we are going to love it.
Joanne is very easy to work with and always returns phone calls and responds to emails in a timely fashion."
     M.G. from Stoneham, MA

"Many years ago, Joanne turned our three season porch into a dream kitchen. Her creative eye, attention to every detail, and amazing vision turned the space into a perfect kitchen. She spent extra time getting to know us and created a space that fit our family and lifestyle. Ten years later we moved out of state, and the only thing we wanted to take with us was our kitchen, designed by Joanne!  Now, she is expanding her creative talents to rug and tapestry design. She has an eye for color and space that weaves together art in a beautiful and unique way. Rug and tapestry design is a natural fit for this next chapter in her career. 
A.C. from  Cape Elizabeth, ME